Hi, I'm Alexx

I know you're here to look at wedding photos. It's important to make sure my editing style fits your vision, and that you view enough galleries to be confident with my work.

BUT. It's also important that we get along!! Choosing a photographer you can see yourself meshing with can make or break the energy on your wedding day. 

I love weddings because they're relationship-focused. We are in contact for up to a year or more! I want to make the most of that time and build an actual friendship. (I'm serious - PLEASE ask me to get coffee!!!)

If you understand just how important it is to feel comfortable with and *maybe even* befriend your wedding photographer, keep exploring this page to get a feel for who I am.

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a director,


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No, it's not a typo.


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Sooo... yeah - there are few things in this world more important to me than photos. Not just because I love taking them, but I have a pretty bad memory. Sometimes, the only thing I remember from fun moments in my life are the pictures and videos of it. I honestly would be devastated without each and every one of those 40,000 images.

So I get it. Getting once-in-a-lifetime photos of one of the most significant days of your life is a whole lot of pressure. But I can assure you: I'm gonna make sure you remember it all. Because to me, even the most mundane of days, even the most routine task, is worth memorializing. So your wedding day??? No moment will be left up to memory.

I have 40,000 photos in my phone.

You won't find me rock climbing, or sky diving, or even skating down a steep hill.

Why??? Because I'm deathly afraid of getting injured. But also because I get my adrenaline from weddings.

I'm never buzzing as much as I am on the drive home from a wedding. That's because I get an adrenaline rush every time I look at my camera and realize I've captured:

  • A groom wiping a tear before anyone noticed
  • Cross-country family members exchanging a hug for the first time in years
  • The craziest dance move from that one guy and then hearing "I've NEVER seen him dance!!!"
  • A bride watching lovingly as her groom dances with his mom

Throw in a Blink-182 song at the end of a night like this, and best believe I am HYPED.

I'm a risk-averse adrenaline junkie.

Picture yourself waking up the morning of your wedding day. You're with your people, full of nerves, and you start getting ready. 

You see me walk in and read the room - yup, I've seen this before. I'll check in with you, then let you know what to expect next. After that, I'm just another member of the wedding party. You catch glimpses of me when you put the mirror up to your face, through the cork you just popped, or behind the makeup artist's head. I guide you to the corner of the room with the best light, but let the moments play out on their own.

Haven't done this before? It's ok - I have.

And that's how the rest of the day goes. Big moments happen, and you may not see me, but are confident I captured it from my hiding place. We take formal pictures, and you have a split second of panic ("what do I do with my hands?!") before I'm already giving you a pose. You start to insist "I'm not a model!" when we run off for couples photos, but I'm already guiding you through prompts that will have you re-thinking that. Then, I'm invisible again. Flashes on the dance floor show I'm still in the middle of it all, weaving in and out, avoiding the spilling wine glasses.

Then, a hug at the end of the night. I tell you when to expect photos and I'm off. Sound good to you? Ditto. 

Things I'd love to talk about over coffee with you: (AKA, my favorites)

Happy tears, of course.

A non-exhaustive list: wedding speeches, vows, stranger's wedding videos, parent dances. But also: goldendoodle puppies, corgi puppies.... ok, just puppies. MLB debuts, walk-off homeruns, broken baseball records, underdog stories. Award speeches, movie endings, season finales, or just some really good cinematography.

A lot of things make me cry.

COFFEE SHOP: Better Buzz (the staff knows my name)

PLACE I'VE LIVED: Pacific Beach (we have 3 Better Buzzes)

SPORTS TEAM: San Diego Padres (don't get me started.)

CITY: Paris (I visited while living in Lausanne, Switzerland for a year)

TV SHOW: New Girl (I'm 50% Schmidt, 50% Jess, if you can believe it)

MOVIE: (500) Days of Summer (but I'll talk any movie - I have a film degree!)

FOOD: California burritos (can you tell I'm from San Diego?)

PERSONALITY TEST: Enneagram (I'm a 1w9!)

Working with her kind, gentle, and calm spirit was not only a breath of fresh air during the wedding planning stress but the cherry on top to her genuine intention behind the camera.

Charlotte + garrett

Lexx instantly put us at ease and was such an amazing hype girl!! She gave us a lot of direction/inspiration so we knew exactly what to do, while also giving us freedom to do the poses/photos we wanted. My husband couldn’t stop raving about how much fun he had and how easy Lexx made our experience!


Alexx is super easy going, personable, and overall just a kind soul. Her passion for photography and videography shows in her work but also in her attitude while on a shoot. She is constantly smiling behind the camera and makes taking photos fun and relaxing.


Working with Alexx was a dream from start to finish. She is an incredibly thoughtful and authentic communicator, and talented photographer and editor. She was one of the first vendors I booked and she remained my favorite wedding based decision. 


Alexx was such a fun, supportive, and professional aspect of our wedding day! We couldn’t have been happier with the photos, but even more we feel like we had the most genuine addition to our wedding day!


SWEET words 

SWEET words 

"Working with Alexx was a dream from start to finish."

lets do this thing

No story is one and the same. Let's get to know each other so that your photos feel like you.